PhotoSpark Show Episode 1: The Premier!

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PhotoSpark Show is candid conversations about photography and business. We are three women business owners and entrepreneurs who talk about networking, workflow, client relationships and more. We’re not afraid to share our own ups and downs and we’ll help you tackle yours!  In future episodes, We’ll have guest speakers, answer listener questions, all while giving you tips & tricks to help get you through the upcoming years! PhotoSpark is hosted by Kate Mills, Julie Ferneau, and Ashley DuChene.

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Hello world!

Hi guys!

Welcome to our very first blog post! In the future, we’ll have a quick blog for every episode, which will hit a little on each topic we discussed, and will pose some questions to our listeners! For now, let’s tell you a little about us & how we got started with Photospark! We talk a little about this in our first episode but here’s some background anyway.

So we’re all part of a women in photography group here in San Diego, and one day we had a networking event at lunch! The three of us ended up having a little too much to drink, so after lunch we walked over to a nearby Starbucks to hang out a little longer before heading home. At this meeting, we were chatting about Podcasts we listen to (this was in the height of the Serial obsession) and someone mentioned Julie had a great voice for radio. That transitioned us into talking about photography podcasts, and the more we chatted, the more we realized there was a huge niche of photography that didn’t seem to be covered in podcasts! We decided to launch our OWN podcast… three women, chatting candidly & casually, about our photography businesses.

We’ll probably cover some technical stuff on the podcast, but for now we’re focusing mainly on the business end; topics like networking, client relationships, and workflow are our current focus! As we grow, we plan on having guest speakers to mix it up a bit & cover some topics we might not be experts in!

We are so excited for you guys to be here & listen to our first podcasts! Be sure to check the site often for new blog posts, behind the scenes photos, and more!



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