Episode 73: Prioritizing Play over Posing with Erin Brant

candid photography

Isn’t it just the coolest thing ever when you see a peer of yours do amazing things with their business?? We are totally excited to have Erin Brant on the show this week because she is totally doing that and more!! She recently finished her Clickin Moms Breakout (The Happy Now) which was a huge success AND she just announced she’ll be presenting at Click Away 2018!! She joined us this week to chat about FUN! She is a big believer in candid photography… as in, prioritizing play over posing and she’s here to tell us exactly what that means and how she tends to run her shoots!

candid photography

Key Takeaways

  1. Establish expectations with your clients. Clients who are in the market for candid photography can be difficult because sometimes they don’t quite know exactly what they want. They might THINK they want all candid shots but then once the shoot starts it’s clear they’d like some posed shots too. Erin makes sure to outline her expectations of the shoot beforehand. She knows a few shots she wants to get, and once those are done she can let the family play around and hang out. It’s always a great idea to grab some posed shots along with your candid photography, because that gives the client some variety and options.candid photography
  2. Develop a rapport with the kids. Candid photography sessions are the perfect opportunity to chat & laugh with the kids in the family! You can point out cool stuff for them to do (look for shells, build a sand castle, play tag, etc) that helps you grab those candid shots you need. The more you connect with the kids, the more relaxed everyone will be and the better chance you have of getting great candid photos. Don’t be afraid to get some more calm, emotional moments as well. Consider asking kids questions about their family like “what do you love about your mom?” to help this along & help the kids connect with their parents. These shoots are especially great for shy kids, who can totally just cuddle up with their mom or dad and not have to worry about standing still and smiling at the camera for an hour. Ideally, you’ll reach the point where the camera isn’t the focus at all.candid photography
  3. “Don’t miss the great while looking for the perfect.” Ooh isn’t that such a good quote from Erin?? I LOVE IT! We can get so caught up with making sure everything is absolutely perfect that we miss the moments. I know I’ve had times where I’m messing with settings or something & miss a great TRUE candid moment between family members. If you connect with your clients in a real way, you’ll see moments you might otherwise miss. Don’t be afraid to let yourself get really personal with the family. Focus on the experience… if the family had a really great time at the shoot, they’ll reflect that feeling when viewing the images. They won’t care as much about a hair out of place or a crooked shirt… they’ll be thinking of the fun they had as a family that day & the moments that were captured.

candid photography

If it isn’t clear yet, Erin is an absolute rockstar when it comes to beautiful, candid photography & capturing deep, meaningful images of her clients! Be sure to download & listen to the full episode… it’s a great one! And check out Erin online below!

candid photography

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