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Overwhelmed by busy season?! ShootQ to the rescue!

Have you guys heard about the BIG changes coming to ShootQ? We have, and we have been SO excited to see them roll out! If you aren’t using ShootQ, you are missing out on a CRAZY valuable tool for your photography business. Chances are, if you’re doing something manually in your business, ShootQ can take it over, and provide you with precious extra time! Emailing the same thing over and over? ShootQ can handle that. Still having clients sign their contracts in person? Let ShootQ email them a digital contract. Tired of collecting payments or sending invoices manually? Look no further. At this point, we’re wondering if there’s anything ShootQ CAN’T handle for us!

We are SO excited about the changes, we invited Adam Fried back on the show to chat with us a bit about what’s new, what’s the same, and what to expect from the revamped ShootQ. Tune in to hear how you can take advantage of ShootQ to help you with your photography business!

Key Takeaways

  • Take FULL advantage of the free trial. Oftentimes, we’ll sign up for a free trial for something, dip our toe in, and get so overwhelmed with the whole process that we don’t really end up using whatever it is to it’s full extent, which means we’re just confused the whole 30 or 60 days or whatever, and end up not subscribing to the service at the end. So here’s the awesome thing. ShootQ is designed to really help you with setting everything up. They help make the on boarding process fun, so you get incentives to complete your set up. There’s always someone to help you,
  • Don’t be scared of change! If you already use ShootQ, don’t be scared they’re going to mix everything up on you! You have the option to keep things the same for as long as you like, and ShootQ is rolling out new features slowly, so you can very easily make the switch without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Utilize questionnaires. Questionnaires are a GREAT way to know all sorts of things about your clients. From the very first inquiry, you can use a ShootQ questionnaire to find out more info about your client & what kind of shoot they’re looking for. After the shoot, you can use a questionnaire to find out what worked, what didn’t, and get honest feedback about your shoot. ShootQ has unlimited questionnaires you can send your clients, which makes the whole process very easy and streamlined!
  • Keep track of all of your clients. ShootQ makes it SO easy to keep track of your clients. First off, obviously all their information is saved in your ShootQ, so you know their contact info. Also, you can look back on ALL your past shoots, and you can see notes you’ve made throughout the years. This is great for something like locations. You can make a note of what locations you’ve already used, so you know new locations to offer them. You can also note important things like birthdays and anniversaries, so you can send little notes or gifts on those big days!
  • GO MOBILE. These guys are rolling out an AWESOME mobile app to go along with their service. It’s going to be revamped, and easier to use than ever. You’ll have all your client info at your fingertips, all the time. So if you forget something before the shoot (like dad’s name… raise your hand if you’ve done that!), you can quickly look it up & save yourself!

Of course, Adam talks about a LOT more ShootQ features, as well as shares a hilarious story about #vanlife. (You just have to listen, I can’t explain that here!) So be sure to download this episode now! THANKS FOR LISTENING!! Have a great week everybody!


Download from iTunes Here

Download from iTunes Here