Episode 81: Creativity & Vision Wake Up Call!

Anyone who has been in business awhile will struggle from time to time with creativity. Shoots can start to feel very monotonous and routine, and it’s easy to catch yourself capturing the same shots over & over again.

This week, we are joined by the absolutely amazing Alexis Cuarezma! If you don’t know who this is yet, you totally should! He has been commissioned by big names like Nike, Sports Illustrated, and the New York Times (among others!) and is known for his vibrant aesthetic for editorial and commercial shoots. Alexis often shoots celebrity athletes on a VERY strict time crunch, so he is very familiar with tapping into his creativity quickly! He chatted with us this week about awakening your creativity.. and he tells some awesome stories too!

Key Takeaways

  1. Connect with your subjects: Alexis stresses the importance of developing a connection with your subjects before, during, and after your shoots. Since he only has a few minutes with most of his clients, Alexis does a lot of research beforehand. He learns personal facts, stories, and the history of each subject so he has things to chat with them about during their shoot. He finds this is a great way to connect quickly with his subjects & get those awesome shots!
  2. Know who you’re shooting for: As wedding & portrait photographers, a lot of us are shooting for the client. Our style, posing, location, etc all have to please the client in the end. So we need to make sure we keep that in mind while shooting. Commercial photographers oftentimes are shooting for magazine editors. They have to have a style and set up that pleases the company they’re representing. Alexis is so established in his field that he usually gets to shoot for HIMSELF! How rad is that? He gets to incorporate his own vision & creativity in his shoots, which is a luxury not everyone has. However, there’s nothing wrong with shooting for yourself from time to time, whether that’s by incorporating something new & creative in your family shoots, or doing your own side projects. Keeping your creativity alive is easier when you get to use it!
  3. Leave your comfort zone behind! A great way to ignite your creativity is to jump outside your comfort zone. You want to find something that makes you excited and tests your creativity a bit! Kate mentions a shoot she did recently with some pirates that challenged her but ended up totally amazing. Sprinkling shoots like that among your regular shoots (I mean… we have to pay the bills, right?) is a surefire way to help spark some creativity in your schedule!

We really hope you tune in to this full episode; Alexis has some awesome stories & is such an inspirational person!

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