Episode 78: THROWBACK- Our Embarrassing Stories!

embarrassing stories

We LOVED recording this embarrassing stories episode last year… it’s my absolute favorite personally. So we wanted to share it again while we prep for Season Two! This is definitely an episode you need to listen to to get the full impact, so this blog post won’t really do it any justice!

Ok… now that I’m listening to this, it’s definitely mostly MY embarrassing stories (spoiler alert, Kate does the blog posts). So if you want to hear about the time I swallowed a fly and barfed during a shoot, ran into a client at a concert while reeeeally drunk, and/or the time I got pooped on by a pelican, tune in! Julie, Ashley, and guesthouse Terran DO contribute some funny stories too, don’t get me wrong! But I’m starting to think this is maybe my issue…. hm…..

embarrassing storiesLet us know what you think!! And PLEASE share some of your own embarrassing stories on our Facebook page to make me feel better!


Download from iTunes Here

Download from iTunes Here

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