2018 Goals Episode Part One: Starting a Goal Planner!

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HAPPY 2018 you guys!! We are so happy to bring you another year of PhotoSpark… can you believe we started planning this podcast in 2015? Feels like a lifetime ago! We all know how important it is to get your year off on the right foot… the new year always feels like a great time to re-evaluate our businesses (and our lives!) and see what’s working for us and what isn’t! Today, we’re sharing part one of our two part episode about… PLANNERS! We’re kicking off 2018 chatting about GOAL planners specifically today! What’s a goal planner? Why should you have one? How are they different from daily planners? If these questions are in your mind… tune in to hear more! In this episode we are referring to Julie’s current goal planner, which are the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. They’re SUPER awesome and you guys should check them out! So we’re walking you a briefly through the steps these Powersheets take you through to plan your goals for 2018!

Key Takeaways

  1. Brain dump your goals. When goal planning, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. A good technique is to just START. Just brain dump every single goal that crosses your mind. Don’t worry about ranking them, categorizing them, or thinking about logistics. Just write them down. Spend some time really thinking about every single goal you have and get it out of your brain and on paper! You can worry about details and ranking later… brain dumping in your goal planner just a great way to get started & a great visual to have of all of your goals!
  2. Rank your priorities in 2018. There are SO many categories our goals can be arranged into. Of course, we have to find a way to prioritize some areas over others, or else we’ll just go crazy. Here are the categories that Powersheets recommends using for your goals. It’s a good idea to go through each category and rank it from 1-10 on its importance THIS year. What do you want to focus on this year?
    1. Finances
    2. Recreation
    3. Work
    4. Family
    5. Spouse/Significant Other
    6. Friends
    7. Health
  3. Have fun with it! The prettier your planner looks, the more likely you’ll be to return to it every day & work on it! We suggest getting some fun sticker books, a fresh set of markers, and some great highlighters to help you keep your planner fun & pretty! This seems like kind of a frou-frou suggestion, but we promise it isn’t! Anything you can add to your planner to make it fun, will keep you returning to it & keep you working with it!

Ok, this is JUST a skim of the whole episode, which dives way more in depth into goal planners… so check it out! And again, if you’d like to check out Powersheets, just click the link! We promise we aren’t getting paid anything to promote them (yet… eh, Powersheet people?) but the free promotion is a sign of how much we’re loving this product!

Tune in next week for part 2 of our “Planners” episode, where we dive into our daily planners!

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