Episode 34: Strategies to Make More Money with Your Creative Business

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Living in San Diego, we are lucky to have ALL sorts of creatives, entrepreneurs, and business-minded peers close at hand. Our goal at PhotoSpark is to deliver as much advice as possible from these awesome people to you guys!! At no charge! How rad is that?! Anyway, Julie & Kate were joined this week by Becky & Jesse Morquecho, the creators and owners of Idealust- a community for creative entrepreneurs. These two are an awesome team of wedding photographers turned business coaches, so they know all the ins and outs of the photography industry! They chatted with us about their must-know strategies to make more money with your creative business. Check out their episode to hear all of them, but here are some of our favorites!

Download from iTunes Here

Download from iTunes Here

Key Takeaways:

  1. Everyone starts somewhere: Becky & Jesse emphasize the importance of following your dreams and making that jump into the creative industry. A lot of people wait for the PERFECT time to start, making excuses about their website not being ready, or needing a better logo, etc. The sooner you start, the sooner you make money! The more clients you have in the beginning, the better your mindset will be to continue your business because you’ll have the confidence to take more clients & start to believe you can actually do this as a career!
  2. Videos are SUPER important: We have all heard it a million times, but it takes a lot of time to put together, so a lot of people don’t do it. VIDEO IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Potential clients want to see your personality, connect with you, and hear you speak to them. You can totally start small, with little behind the scenes clips here & there, but we suggest also doing a promo video of you working and video testimonials from your clients. They’re great for SEO and will put you a step ahead of anyone who doesn’t have a video, in turn helping you make more money!
  3. Provide value-based newsletters & communication: As creatives, we have a TON of ideas in our head, we just don’t always know how to implement them! Decide who your ideal client is, and write newsletters TO those clients. Don’t worry about people who might not get value from what you’re writing; they aren’t your ideal clients! Newsletters shouldn’t just be sales pitches, they should be vital information for your potential clients. Subject lines like “Hire Me!” don’t work as well as subjects like “10 great locations in San Diego for afternoon hikes!” or similar topics. Everyone gets TONS of emails every day, so the subject line HAS to be catchy & make our clients want to read. We want to inform them & entertain them, not just sell to them. By doing this, we’ll stay in their heads when they are looking to hire a photographer & they’re more likely to choose you!

Those are just three of the MANY topics Becky & Jesse chatted about on the show! Be sure to tune in to hear more!!

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