Episode 79: THROWBACK- Newborn Photography with Sophie Crew


For this week’s throwback episode, we decided to re-release a fan favorite episode about newborn photography with Sophie Crew! Sophie is a top photographer here in San Diego and her work is BEAUTIFUL. She joined us to chat about how she became a newborn photographer and what she’s learned along the way, so we decided to re-share some of her tips on the blog! Download the episode to hear more about Sophie’s story & how she gets those stunningly perfect shots!

Sophie’s Tips:

  • Age- Ideal age for newborn photos is 7-8 days. However, she still has luck with older babies, even up to 4 weeks old! They just take a little longer to get to sleep, and they’re a little bigger so poses and props are different sometimes.
  • The 5 S’s- A soothing technique for babies! The 5 S’s are: Side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, swaddling, and sucking. It’s her go-to when babies are super fussy and having trouble falling asleep!
  • White Noise- When making white noise/shushing, make it REALLY loud. Like… way louder than you think you should. Babies love it because it reminds them of the womb!
  • Maternity Photos- Sophie also photographs maternity clients; she suggests scheduling between 34 & 36 weeks.
  • Feeding- Sophie always sends out a pre-shoot email to her parents before a newborn shoot. In this email she suggests they feed the baby RIGHT before leaving for the studio. She also suggests they arrive a little early to the studio to feed once more. A full baby is a sleepy, happy baby!!
  • Length- Sophie’s typical newborn session lasts approximately 3 hours.

Be sure to download this episode to hear more tips from Sophie! And get excited about Season Two of PhotoSpark… coming soon! Follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear our special announcement!

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