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We have been hosting this podcast for over four years, and our absolute favorite part of this job is all the people we’ve had an opportunity to meet, chat with, and become friends with because of our show.

We’re proud to say we have:

-105k+ downloads
-Over 100 episodes
-Engaged Listeners in 35+ countries
-Bi-weekly episode launch schedule

If you think our podcast is a good fit for your business, please keep reading. We are excited to learn more about you & your product or service, and we hope we can work together & lift each other up.

We are available for the following sponsorship opportunities:

*Podcast advertisements: We are taking on a limited number of paid advertisements per episode. This spots will be for those companies that we love and believe in 100% and are already our favorite products or services.

*Instagram/Facebook stories: Let us promote your brand with daily or weekly stories. You can give us the content, or we can draw it up ourselves. We always get a great response to our stories & it’s an easy way to reach our listeners in real-time!

*Blog endorsements: We are happy to share your brand on our blog, which releases valuable photography & business related content on a weekly basis.

*Sponsored Giveaways: There’s nothing better than free stuff! Our listeners love giveaways & goodies, and are sure to respond if we giveaway something great!

*Speaking endorsements: Let’s face it, we started this podcast because we love to talk. And we’d love to talk in person even more! We’re available for travel & would love to come share our knowledge with your group or at your event. We’re all about empowering & educating!

We truly believe that helping other businesses thrive is what this is all about. Please fill out the form on this page to get started!


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words fail me...

"I tried to come up with a title that would say what a great podcast this is. One that wasn’t used before. I could not. There is a reason that as of when I write this review there is nothing but five star reviews. This show rivals them all will be in my drive home rotation. The host of this show are diverse pros who shoot very different styles… You will be hard press not to like them. Give it a shot and you will be hooked like me."

great guests + topics...

"I love the regulars, and I also love the guests who visit the show. Even though they may shoot pets or concert footage—something outside my realm—I always learn something about photography, business, and storytelling. This show is encouraging, informative, and fun. Listening feels like having smart, personable friends talking right into my ear. Good stuff!"

Wonderful podcast!

"I’m so glad I found this podcast early in my business! I am binge listening trying to catch up and have learned so many great business and photography related tips!"






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