candid conversation about photography & business

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Photospark Show is a candid conversation about photography and business, sharing our ups and downs, providing relatable content to like-minded business owners looking to step up their business game.

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We're Julie & Kate, wedding/portrait photographers in San Diego. We know that running your own business can be both lonely & confusing, so in 2015 we decided to launch a podcast to combat that! Our candid, fun conversations will keep you company while driving to shoots or editing photos, and our goal is to feel like your best friends!

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we're Julie + Kate! 

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"I tried to come up with a title that would say what a great podcast this is. One that wasn’t used before. I could not. There is a reason that as of when I write this review there is nothing but five star reviews. This show rivals them all will be in my drive home rotation. The host of this show are diverse pros who shoot very different styles… You will be hard press not to like them. Give it a shot and you will be hooked like me."

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"I love the regulars, and I also love the guests who visit the show. Even though they may shoot pets or concert footage—something outside my realm—I always learn something about photography, business, and storytelling. This show is encouraging, informative, and fun. Listening feels like having smart, personable friends talking right into my ear. Good stuff!"

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"I’m so glad I found this podcast early in my business! I am binge listening trying to catch up and have learned so many great business and photography related tips!"






candid conversation about photography & business